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Intense Lighting | Designing Exterior Walkways - Paths of Egress (APS-AIA-EiQ-224)

[AIA LU/HSW = 1.0] This course provides an overview of sustainable lighting technologies for the illumination of steps, ramps, and paths of egress in terms of energy use, life safety, and maintenance requirements.

Course Description:
Illuminating paths of egress has been a challenge for designers and contractors throughout the years. Building codes, standards, model ordinances, and recommendations by various authorities continue to evolve. Stricter energy codes impact allowable products and strategies. Human, environmental, and design conditions all must be taken into account. This course discusses factors impacting the design as well as recommendations for implementing effective solutions.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explain the personal and life safety requirements regarding the illumination of steps, ramps, and paths of egress.
2. Understand why there are growing trends to increase illumination levels on steps, ramps, & paths of egress.
3. Understand why LED is the required source for these areas.
4. Discuss illumination system design options and considerations.
5. Understand why Lighting Designers are using illuminated handrail to solve these issues.

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(added 4/20/18) *EiQ has obtained the legal rights from Intense Lighting to provide this course under our AIA CES Provider #.

# of CEU Hours: 1.0

  • Learn
  • Sustainable Practices - Designing Exterior Walkways (Video)
  • Quiz
  • Sustainable Practices - Designing Exterior Walkways (Quiz)
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  • AIA CES Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 3 years